Beauty Blogger Roundup for 2016!

CōTZ SUNSCREEN – One of the most important beauty buys? Sunscreen, of course! And I’m loving the line by CōTZ. Mineral-rich and silky smooth, their sunscreen is lightweight, non-greasy, non-cakey AND has SPF’s of between 45-50. It’s free of oil, fragrances, chemical sunscreens and those nasty parabens. Oh, and the price is pretty good too! Around 20 bucks a pop – so your wallet can look beautiful too!   But don’t take my word for it. Diane von Furstenberg – yes, that DVF – is also a fan. According to her ‘Ask a Designer’ page in InStyle, it is her “go-to” sunscreen. You can find them sold on their own website (www.cotzsunscreen) and various other retailers, including Birchbox ( and Ulta (

TANGLE TEEZER – An absolute MUST! I love love love this! #Longhairdontcare – sure. Unless it’s time to brush. Then the Tangle Teezer turns into a Fairy Godmother for your long lovely locks. Ergonomically designed, this innovative little brush fits in the palm of your hand and painlessly removes the most stubborn of tangles and knots. Plus, it’s perfect for those of us (ahem, me!) who like to brush through wet hair. It’s also great on the wallet, at about fifteen bucks and can be found everywhere from Sephora to Space NK.

OBLIPHICA SEABERRY MASK– I first discovered this brand at Beauty Press, an event for beauty bloggers held during New York Fashion Week. And my hair’s been smooth and shiny ever since. The secret ingredient in this product lies in a small but powerful superfruit – the Seaberry. Perhaps it will the acai of 2016 – but for now, while Whole Foods may not carry it, you can at least test it out on your scalp. There is a long list of essential vitamins and antioxidants — including the rare Omega 7, which helps nourish and hydrate the scalp while moisturizing. Also, it is said to protect against chemical, mechanical and environmental stress and damage – so double bonus. I’ve used Ulta and Amazon carry the line as well as their own website.

LG STYLER – Okay, this is for someone who’s got a few extra bucks to look their wrinkle-free, crisp best… and really, really hates to iron. Plus loves being techie chic. Hailing from the minds of the innovative folks at LG (aka LG Electronics – you know, the company that makes your phone/tv/washer, you name it), the LG Styler is a new high-tech steamer basically one-upping your local dry cleaner. Pricey at about $1600 (plus tax) but I guess you can’t put a price on looking gorgeous, now can you?

PENCIL ME IN COSMETICS – Eyeliner pencils for us gals on the go. The reason? A built-in sharpener in the cap – how cool is that? The line touts itself for being green and environment-friendly. And it’s super budget-friendly for those that want to keep some green in the ol’ wallet. I’ve been using Laura Mercier for years and have to say, this is a great budget-friendly alternative. I was first introduced to them by Beauty Press in NYC and find I’ve been using these more and more. You’ll also love the color selection. Available online at their site and Amazon.

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