Parme Marin – Spring ’16 – NYFW

Parme Marin PM

Kicking off NYFW a day early on September 9th, renowned jewelry designer (and 2013 recipient of Vogue’s talent program) Parme Marin welcomed the press into NYC’s glamorous Park Hyatt hotel to present some of her latest pieces.

The ultimate feminist fashionista, Parme only works with local artisan women while creating her line – hoping to empower ladies in more ways than one. And she uses her constant travels through Marrakesh, Paris, Madrid and New York as inspirations for her female-driven eponymous label.

Her quirky statement pieces are at once strong and dramatic but often delicate and graceful as well. Incorporating a wide-range of handcrafted beads, supple leathers and one-of-a-kind stones, metals, feathers and wood into her designs, each piece is made by hand – ensuring that no two are exactly alike. Also, as you can see, she favors using mostly natural (not man-made) elements.

With summer winding down (despite the crazy high temperatures in both NYC and LA, it actually is Fall!), these statement pieces are the perfect jewelry to punch up the drama for any special occasion! While Parme’s collection is sometimes known for her necklaces, she also creates rings, earrings, bracelets and headpieces. My own personal favorite is her geometric “Archi” ring – a silver cube-shaped ring which retails for $262 on her website.

Throughout the night, press sipped champagne while waiters brought around yummy hors d’oeurves. In the outside patio, guests were treated to mini-desserts as they mingled with the bloggers and other members from the team. The exhibit is being held at the NYC Park Hyatt through September 30th. A must see!

And of course you can find her on the web at — as you will see pieces retail 177 to 1,000 (with most hovering around a few hundred). Her earrings, on the other hand, start at $70. Perfect for those of us trying (or needing) to be on more of a budget.

À bientôt!

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